About Us

TRAKAR WOODWORKS was established in 2000 by Tracey Griffing,
a seasoned woodworker of 26 years.  In 1980, Tracey began an
apprenticeship with her father, William Griffing, a Master
Woodworker and furniture designer in New York.  After having spent
many years apprenticing with her father, Tracey ventured out to work
in a custom wood shop where she experienced the art of architectural
woodworking.  There she honed her skills in building high-end
custom furniture, kitchens, baths and specialty cabinetry while
learning the nuances of architectural design.

Tracey also possesses extensive knowledge of kitchen and bath
remodeling, from design and fabrication to installation.  She uses
advanced building techniques and materials to create classic and
contemporary styles of cabinetry and architectural woodworking.  
This has been the foundation of TRAKAR WOODWORKS.

Today, Tracey has a full understanding of the needs, wants and
desires of her clients.  By bringing together positive input and design
combined with professional fabrication and installation, we are able
to develop and implement you vision.  TRAKAR'S motto
is the philosophy the allows us to turn your dream
to a reality.

At TRAKAR WOODWORKS, client satisfaction is our top priority.  
Whether it's a stand-alone piece of furniture, decorative moulding to
enhance our room, or a brand new kitchen or bath, a Master
Woodworker will be with you every step of the way to ensure your
complete satisfaction
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